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During my teaching career, I often worked with math students before and after school one-on-one. My students were able to gain confidence and improve their math grades after such tutoring sessions. After my final year of classroom teaching, parents began to call me for help with their children who were struggling in math. The positive feedback I received from the those parents, along with the great personal satisfaction I experienced, inspired me to increase the number of students I could help. My great passion is not only to help students gain or regain their math confidence, but to watch that same confidence overflow into other areas of their lives. In their later high school years, the privilege of helping students achieve their goals and score high on important exams such as AP Calculus, AP Statistics, ACT, and SAT have great meaning for me. I also love to provide real-world examples to my students based on my many years of engineering and computer industry experience.

- Max Pavlovsky

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