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“I was tutored by Max in math for two years. He is really amazing and customizes to each individual student and truly cares about each one of them. I started with a C+ in Honors Precalculus and ended up with a B. The next year in BC Calculus, I started with a B- and ended up getting an A in the class and a perfect 5 on the AP Exam. He is an outstanding tutor, the best I've ever had and i highly recommend him to anyone looking for a quality math tutor.”

— Sierra from Zionsville, IN

“When I first started taking BC Calculus, I felt overwhelmed and confused. However, through my tutoring sessions with Max, I was able to increase my class grade by a full letter grade and receive a 4 on my AP Calculus exam. Max was always incredibly patient. Max takes into account each student's individual learning needs.”

— Hannah from Carmel, IN


"Max helped me so much throughout the entire year. I was never very good at math but sitting down with him every week improved my grade dramatically and helped me accomplish my goals for the course.

— Sofie from Carmel, IN


“I had a very positive experience working with Max. I was taking an online class in Statistics and struggling a lot with it. I had a C going before I started working with Max. With his help, I was able to bring my grade up to an A, which helped me graduate with Academic Honors!


— Emily from Zionsville, IN

   "After working with my daughter, within a relatively short time, her AP Calculus grade improved a full letter grade! She also scored a 4 out of 5 on her AP Calculus exam, which was higher than she expected and earned her credit toward college. Max is a very patient, knowledgeable and engaging tutor who is always prepared. 

— Bridget from Carmel, IN


   "Max is a skillful teacher and truly cares for his students. Since working with Max, our son’s math grades have improved; and even better, he has gained confidence in his math abilities. Max relates well to his students. Our son looks forward to meeting with Max, weekly. We highly recommend Max. 

— Carrie from Carmel, IN

"We used Max last year for our daughter's precal class. Improved her overall grade from a C+ to an A. He is very patient and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend!"

— Tami from Westfield, IN

"We used Max for our daughter shortly before Geometry finals last year. It made the difference between an A and a B! He is professional and courteous and gets A FIVE STAR rating from this family.

— Liz from Westfield, IN

    "Max connects with his students. He has the patience and understanding that is needed with children who have challenges with Math on all levels. Max believes in his students and gives them the confidence to take on math challenges they wouldn't do otherwise. Thank you Max for continuing to make a difference in our children's lives.

— Carolynn from Westfield, IN


     "My son was struggling his last semester of middle school so Max tutored him over the summer and he became an A/B student his Freshman year!! Do not hesitate! Max is great!!"

— Maggie from Carmel, IN

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AP Calculus Tutor Online
AP Calculus Tutor Online
AP Calculus Tutor Online
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