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5 Top Resources for AP Calculus Students

Updated: Jan 16

Several websites are known for providing helpful resources and assistance for AP Calculus. However, it's important to note that the popularity and effectiveness of websites can change over time. Here are some websites that are well-regarded for AP Calculus assistance:

  • Khan Academy offers comprehensive video lessons and practice problems for a wide range of topics, including AP Calculus. The interactive nature of the platform allows students to learn at their own pace.

Paul's Online Math Notes (

  • Dr. Paul Dawkins' website provides detailed notes and tutorials on calculus topics. It's a great resource for students looking for clear explanations and worked examples.

Korpi’s World (

  • A math teacher’s Web site that offers extensive notes, worksheets, and practice exams geared toward the success of both AP Calculus AB and BC students.

  • PatrickJMT (Just Math Tutorials) features concise and easy-to-follow video tutorials covering various calculus concepts. The website is known for its straightforward explanations.

  • Wolfram Alpha is a powerful computational engine that can help with problem-solving and understanding calculus concepts. You can input calculus problems, and Wolfram Alpha will provide step-by-step solutions.

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