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Student Testimonial

Q: What got you interested in pre-calculus?

Answer: Sierra, now a senior, shared that she had to take it – that was it! Students in her high school have to take a certain number of math classes. In middle school she tested out of the easier classes, having always been in Honors' classes. When her sophomore year came around, Honors Precalculus was the next class.


Your high-achieving student may have set him/herself on an advanced course of study from a young age. Now they’re looking at the most challenging subject yet – and Max Math Tutoring can help!

Q: What specifically has Max Math Tutoring helped you improve in?

Answer: AP Calculus students need to learn how to perform calculations regarding the area within the shapes revolved around a line. Sierra admits that she just couldn’t wrap her head around it. Max helped her visualize exactly what was happening. Max empathized with the difficulty she was having by confessing that he had struggled with the same concept at one point.


Max cares about your student holistically, not just academically, bringing a humility and patience to the table – as well as a diagram and a pencil!

Q: How does tutoring help more than just studying or finding practice problems on the Internet? What other methods have you tried?

Answer: Sierra had tried reading the textbook, talking through problems with her friends, working practice problems, and doing research online. Sierra experience back to his, and showing her what he wished someone had shown him. Whenever a concept seemed too complicated, Max provided the necessary tools, diagrams, and explanations to break things down so they could be understood.


Sierra believes that just talking it through with somebody who holds some expertise is pivotal; Max also employed the strategy of having her teach the concept back to him. That practice with Max Math Tutoring really helped her, because if she tried to do that with her friends, they weren’t 100% sure whether she was right or wrong. Max Math Tutoring provides concept and problem-specific instruction with immediate, experiential feedback!

Q: Have you had other tutors or homework help? If so, what sets Max Math Tutoring apart?

Answer: “Honestly I think it was just him…” Sierra shared. “Something just clicked. He’s a good guy, he knows what he’s talking about, he’s so nice and understanding and patient. I think that was a very big thing: he was very patient when I didn’t get something. He would find other ways to explain it and was just very understanding about everything.”


The idea of tutoring may intimidate your student, whether because of the tutor's personality or simply due to anxiety about being vulnerable. Max’s calm, kind demeanor sets people at ease from the first encounter!

Q: What’s the best piece of advice or trick you’ve learned from Max?

Answer: Sierra responded that Max advises his students to use their resources and always talk to their teachers if they don’t understand. “Don’t be afraid to talk to other adults,” she remembers “– and getting a tutor is not a bad thing! It’s not something to be ashamed of. Because I thought it was. But it’s definitely not. It’s definitely worthwhile if you’re struggling in math.”


Max always provides advice and additional resources and strategies to help students be successful!

Q: Please describe the process of a tutoring session with Max. Do you review particular problem sets, or do you stick to concepts? Does he drill you?

Answer: “First of all, he always asks, “How are you?” and actually listens to the answer.” Then he says, “okay, what do you want to start with?” He wants to start with what is the most pressing for the student. Sierra and Max would always start with the “Monday reviews.” He wouldn’t show her the answers (which he did have), but he would use them to check what they got to together. Sierra valued that Max helped her through the process and ensured that she took the steps to arrive at a the correct result. Moving on to general topics, they would do a sort of overview of whatever lessons she was doing that week, digging a little deeper into one of them if necessary.


Max Math Tutoring takes a strategic and methodical approach without neglecting the flexibility your student needs in order to succeed in a specific class.

Q: How did he have the answers?

Answer: Max researched questions from previous actual AP exams online. He provided links to the questions with video explanations, so that students can come back to review later.


Max not only helps your student with homework – he makes sure he does his! The time and talent that Max puts into investing in your child doesn’t start and stop with their session: he’s always working behind the scenes to maximize learning!

Q: What degree are you going for? Do you know which college? How has Max Math Tutoring better prepared you for this?

Answer: Sierra plans to study Biology or Genetics. She wants to be a Genetic Counselor. If somebody comes in to take a genetic test, like if they want to know if they have a disease, if they have risk factors, if they don’t want to pass something on to their kids, she’d be someone to help them with that process. She would help them get the results and then help them afterward. Sierra has always wanted to get really good grades. She was consistently getting B’s in math. She was okay with it, but wasn’t completed satisfied with earning a B. Her true desire was to excel and earn an A in the class. She’d tried a couple of other tutors before Max Math Tutoring and they were not what she was looking for – he was probably the 3rd tutor she tried. Learning with Max clicked immediately! He helped her with each of the things she was feeling “iffy” on. She would text him a few days before her lesson, “This is what we’re learning right now.” He would find videos, websites with tutorials. He showed her that she doesn’t just have to stay within the class. “I can branch out,” she shared. “I can go look online; I can go talk to somebody else.”


Max Math Tutoring helps your student build confidence and self-advocacy skills – lessons they can take with them far beyond the classroom!

Q: What sets Max Math Tutoring apart from the other tutors?

Answer: Max’s tutoring sessions take place in public, versus in his home. Sierra views this as good practice for class, where there are always distractions. “He’s so prepared, cares about each and every one of his students… He’s such a good guy,” Sierra said. “I loved talking to him about literally anything.” Though she emphasized that Max is personable and truly cares, she also stated that he is a really good teacher: “He focuses on the math, versus getting off topic.”


Your student won’t be learning in a vacuum: (s)he can take the concepts learned during tutoring and apply them in class and during tests, accustomed to distractions and able to push past them... distractions that won’t come from Max, but that he understands are always present!

Q: What advice do you have for other students in AP Calculus or AP Statistics?

Answer: “Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Resources are always good, but talking to somebody is usually better. And practice! Definitely practice.”


As with anything, what your student puts into tutoring is what (s)he will get out of it. Max is there to help them reach their potential!

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