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Why choose Max Math Tutoring?

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

( from interviews with actual clients)

Q: How did you learn of Max Math tutoring?

Answer: Cathy, mom of Tyler, was recommended to check out Max Math Tutoring for help with AP Statistics. Tyler's Precalculus tutor was not able to help with AP Statistics.

Answer: Carrie, mom of Ethan, found help from Max Math Tutoring on a list that their school maintains of tutors.


Max Math Tutoring is versatile! Max tutors Precalculus and AP Statistics as well as AP Calculus, Algebra 2, and Geometry.

Max Math Tutoring is trusted! Not only would a high school include him on a resource list for their students, but parents choose him for their children!

Q: What made you decide to get a tutor for your student?

Answer: Cathy’s son, Tyler, was taking AP Statistics, which is offered senior year at his high school for those in advanced classes. At that point, Tyler had taken Precalculus, but not Calculus, as the other students in AP Statistics had. When Tyler got in there, they were working at a much faster pace than he had experienced. His teacher even admitted, “Oh, I teach it very differently!”

Answer: Carrie’s son, Ethan, had been struggling a little in AP Statistics. The course was different than what he’d taken before. They had talked about the possibility of utilizing a tutor before along the way, but it was Ethan who saw that it was time. He actually came to his mom and asked her to get tutoring help.


Regardless of how intelligent your child is, or even the classes (s)he may have taken in the past, sometimes advanced math throws students a curve ball - that they could use a little help catching!

Q: What advice do you have for parents considering a tutor?

Answer: Cathy thinks the expert “one-on-one” tutoring is essential for a lot of students taking advanced math courses. Parents even come across situations in which there are so many students in a class that when their child approaches the teacher with, “I don’t understand this; can you explain it to me?” – they are directed to check with three peers first. “It’s a positive thing!” Cathy assures her fellow parents. However, peers don’t always know the answer. Additionally, there are a lot of ways to teach, so the method the teacher employs may not be in the book. “If you miss a day of guided notes,” she adds, “you're kind of in a bad situation”. Cathy emphasizes that a parent considering a math tutor isn’t necessarily doing so because their child is behind. “If you ever go to the library after school there are a million tutors... A lot of these math credits are college credits. Amazing that juniors are doing college-level math. Why wouldn’t they need guided assistance?”

Answer: Carrie says absolutely go ahead and get one for your child. “If your child’s struggling, not only can it help with their grades, it can also help with their self-confidence… not all kids learn the way their teacher teaches them. If a tutor can explain it in a way that can click with them, there’s no downside to that.”


Individualized attention – including catering to your child’s learning style – can make all the difference in mastering high-level concepts!

Q: Is there anything that sets Max Math tutoring apart? Have you tried other tutors?

Answer: Cathy had asked her son what he thought. Tyler shared that he thought Max really listened to what he was saying and adapted to how he liked best to learn. Max’s interaction wasn’t limited to presenting Tyler with the material or explaining what Tyler didn’t understand. Cathy explained, “Tyler can’t be lectured to; he has to do it himself, and talk it through, put it into real-life scenarios.” What Max provided wasn’t just the answer, but the explanation of why it was the answer. In order to do this, Max came prepared with his own materials applying to the particular concepts Tyler was studying.

Answer: Max Math Tutoring is a first time for Carrie and Ethan. “The thing I like the most,” Carrie reflected, “is that he’s been willing to work with us if our schedule didn’t work out. We’ve had an option for online tutoring which we’ve utilized whether the weather was bad or when there was a test that had to be scheduled.” Ethan has related well to Max and feels more capable working through his Stats. Tutoring has helped her son learn what questions to ask and to feel more confident to ask those questions.


Max Math Tutoring is responsive and adaptable – from the method of teaching to the means – making learning accessible to you and your student.

Q: Have there been any other benefits than enhanced understanding of the math?

Answer: Cathy works at the high school and does tutoring. Most of the problems the students face are math-related. She thinks part of the roadblock is not being taught in the way in which they learn – and that one-on-one really helps! Tyler really needed that individualized attention, at a higher level of math. He needed someone not just to tell him how to work the problem, but to talk him through how he would accomplish that work. Max Math Tutoring provided that.

Answer: Carrie shared that tutoring with Max has helped Ethan to ask questions when he needs help. All that Max has provided has given Ethan a little bit more confidence in this ability.


Max Math Tutoring builds a foundation of strategy and confidence in learning that will prepare your student for higher education as well as facing everyday obstacles as they mature.

Q: How has Max Math tutoring better prepared your student for college?

Answer: Having a tutor taught Tyler to look beyond himself when he needed help. Students need to self-advocate and own their learning. Tyler came to Cathy and his father and said, “Hey I’m not getting this. I need some extra help.” Students need the maturity and understanding to go utilize a math lab in college, knowing that it’s not because they’re stupid! It’s about taking the initiative to go and look. “There are math labs, writing labs, TA’s… but if you’ve never had the experience to go look outside your classroom for help, you’re not going to know to do that.”

Answer: Carrie can already see that her son’s increased comfort in asking questions will help him succeed in the future at college!


Max Math Tutoring keeps giving even after your child has left high school! A student learns self-advocacy and initiative that (s)he can take with him long after the last session ends!

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